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Welcome to The Curry House, where vibrant Indian flavors come alive in Humble, Texas. Experience the essence of tradition and authenticity through our menu of classic dishes like aromatic biryani and rich chicken curry, crafted with a modern touch for an unforgettable culinary adventure.

The Ultimate Tandoori
Dining Experience

Step into a world of tantalizing flavors with our Tandoori delights. Imagine Tandoori Shrimp, Tandoori Mix Grill, and Tandoori Pompano Whole Fish, each marinated in a symphony of aromatic spices and kissed by the flames of a traditional clay oven. Every bite offers a smoky, savory dance of flavors that transports you straight to the heart of India. Savor the magic of our Tandoori creations.

Serving the Sweetest
Dessert Delights

Experience pure indulgence with our exquisite Indian desserts. From the creamy Rice Kheer to the delicate Rasmalai and decadent Gulab Jamun, each treat is a masterpiece of flavor and texture. Perfectly crafted to satisfy your sweet cravings, our desserts promise a delightful culinary journey. Dive into the sweetness and enjoy every moment with us.